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MSM for arthritis, gout, muscle cramps etc.

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MSM for arthritis, gout, muscle cramps etc.

Post  healthnut0281 on Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:20 pm

MSM destroys "bad calcium" that settles in joints and muscle tissue. (. . . causing the recurring pain.)
It is a NATURAL product that does not interfer with medication.
10,000mg/day destroys the formation, reverses bone spurs, gout, arthritis, muscle cramps, kidney & gall stones.

The amount of MSM in your supplement is only about 150MG
. . . you NEED 10,000mg per day to help you body clean out the accumulation that is causing the inflamation.

The BEST way is to go to your local UFA or farmer supply store and buy a BUCKET of MSM for horses. (Do NOT tell them it is for you!)
It is $30 for the whole bucket full.
10,000 mg is 1 teaspoon of this formula.
It tastes bitter, but worth taking. You could alway encapsulate it yourself by buying a kit.
Or try it with juice, coffee, or get a container of carrot juice from Safeways
(I find this works best for me with other herbs . . . carrot juice even stops heart burn immediately!)



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